Helping Someone In Need?

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A Gentle Push


We are told time and time again that we can’t force anybody to get clean, to actually want to get their life back together. But then how are we supposed to help? Watching somebody struggle with drug addiction is one of the most difficult things a person can go through, and it can be difficult to find appropriate borders so that we are not babying them while also encouraging them to do the right thing.


Do not enable, no matter what

If  there was ever a time for tough love, this is is. Of course, we don’t want to hurt or harm the people we love, especially when they are in such a dangerous situation. The fact remains; however, that addicts are master manipulators and they can convince you that giving them money here and there or a place to stay is helping them. Don’t. It may be hard, but this isn’t helping them, it is keeping them in the grips of addiction even longer. They


Make a decision and stick with it.

If you think that the best thing for you and your loved one is to kick them out, you absolutely MUST stick to your guns no matter what. Letting him or her back in will only serve to keep them stuck in the destructive cycle and keep them from getting real, meaningful recovery. If you can’t do it alone, have others with you to support you in your decision.


Be supportive, but don’t try to carry them to the finish line

The absolute best thing you can do for any struggling addict is to point them in the right direction. We as parents, spouses, siblings, or friends often times feel that the burden of helping them get better is our responsibility. While giving them money or a place to stay may not be the best answer in and of itself, we can direct them to  services that can get them started on the journey of recovery.


Face The Music Foundation was founded in August 2014 to help cultivate the resources to those who otherwise could not be able to receive treatment for substance abuse. We are an alliance (providers including inpatient detoxes, residential treatment centers, outpatient treatment centers, individualized therapists and sober living residences) that is committed to helping those suffering from substance use disorders find hope through the generosity of donations and scholarships.


For more information on the FTM Foundation and what we can do to help you or a loved one get into drug treatment:

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