Face the Music Family Festival


The Family Festival event was an event filled with live music, art projects, and family fun to raise awareness for substance abuse. Artists included Richie Supa, Randi Fishenfeld of Clarence Clemons, Kasim Sultan of Blue Oyster Cult and Hall Of Fame Inductee Ricky Byrd. There were raffles, giveaways and great times had by all.  All proceeds from the Family Festival went to helping those on the road to recovery.


  1. i try many time before and i raepet and raepet(trigger) again i juz fate up and desperate.i lose hope! i been addicted about 4 year like that.i dont know how can i stop it..even i been 3time in jail , overdose,nearly dead i cant breath! l..yes i have carrier good salary and i ve fiance like normal person.why i want stop using opiate coz i dont want be a slave..everday i using it and i cant get high anymore.In first time or just few month when used it more u want and high slowly disappear

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