Addiction is a disease that needs treatment.

Face the Music Foundation produces and hosts events all over the country. Proceeds from our fundraising efforts provides scholarships to clients of Recovery Unplugged for their pre and post rehabilitation needs. Scholarships may provide funding for the following

  • Detoxification
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Continued therapy and counseling after successful treatment has been completed
  • Personal assistance such as financials assistance with housing, medical expenses and others

Below are case studies of people we have helped. Face the Music assesses and treats each case individually, only the most appropriate and effective treatment course is provided.

FTMF works with a network of providers throughout the country. We seek partners who show a commitment to provide ethical, innovative and conscientious services for the treatment of the disease of addiction. We also partner with organizations to help promote educational and prevention services.

At Face The Music Foundation we recognize that treatment recommendations are unique to the individual. We require that our network of providers adhere to rigorous legal, medical and ethical standards.

What happens when you Face the Music?