Month: September 2016

Anxious asian man sitting on the chair , process in vintage style

Anxiety and How it Holds us Back

If you speak to a number of recovering addicts, let’s say between 5-10, and ask them what the single biggest hurdle was that they had to face when first getting clean, you may notice something interesting. More often than not, the most common response that you hear will be “I was afraid”. They were afraid? Afraid of […]

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“Take off the Mask Bash”, hosted by Face the Music Foundation

Face the Music is proud to present the Halloween Masquerade Party “Take off the Mask Bash”, hosted by Face the Music Foundation, featuring live entertainment by some of Florida’s premier artists in recovery.  Join us for an evening of good-hearted mischief and mayhem! For more information contact: Samantha G. :  954-290-1779 GET TICKETS NOW Face […]

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